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Created 2018-03-23
Owner Sebahtstian
Title Polypropylene film for capacitors
Description 1. Features
With the imported super-high purity electric homopolymerize PP resin , it is formed through biaxial stretching, which has features of good uniformity of roughness film, easy rolling and high operation field strength; meanwhile, as for the corona treatment to the roughness film, the wrapped capacitor has small dielectric loss and high insulation resistance.
2. Applications
It can be used in rough film capacitor including the manufacturing of medium and high pressure capacitor and capacitor transformer etc. in the reactive power compensation, equalizing, filtering, coupling of the transmission and transforming system; also due to the corona treatment to the rough film, it can be used for metalized film capacitor such as the DC support and filtering capacitor etc.
3. Representing method of thickness
The nominal value can use the central value of the thin film thickness (integer value such as 3, 10, 15, etc) plus the mantissa (one decimal place) or the their codes. We use Weight method (WMV) to value the MPP film thickness; and that of RPP/RRPP/MRPP film are valued through Mechanism method (MMV) (Ten-layer method)
4. Packing
After slitting and inspection, every roll of the thin film will be packed with PP plastic bags and drying agent to avoid the powder, particles and moisture. Both the two sides of the roll are fixed with foam spacer, support pad and end cap to avoid squeezing during the transportation, and are packed, baled and stacked with cartons, which will be twisted with plastic thin film to avoid powder, particle and moisture.
5. Storage
The film roll should be stored without any forms of shake in a dry and cool place with the temperature no more than 30℃; it cannot be stored for too long time, otherwise the using property of the film will be influenced; once it is stored over 1 year, please re-evaluate all properties of the film roll. electrolytic capacitors suppliers polyester film manufacturers polyester film suppliers in China polypropylene film roll