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Created 2018-01-18
Owner rs3gold
Title Are you ready to buy cheapest rs3 gold with 60% off on Jan.19?
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Vic’s Store

Vic’s Store will be available until February 5, 2018, and you can preview you need to purchase the items,but Ironman Mode and free players cannot buy any item from Vic’s Store:

Tzhaar Whip 2000 Credits
Starfire Armor 200 Credits
Oaken Sentinel Outfit 500 Credits
Willow Sentinel Outfit 500 Credits
Maple Sentinel Outfit 500 Credits
Soul Gem 100 Credits
Exquisite Weapon 100 Credits
Starfire Weapon 400 Credits
Sunfury Armour 200 Credits

Solomon’s Store Sales

During week three of the sale you can available 50% off bargains:

Arcane Smelting
Magician Teleport
Sad Walk
Linza Pack
Warborn Behemoth
Wicked Pouch
Nefarious Edge
Skyguard Outfit
Death by Air
Armchair Warrior Resting
Lightning Blast
Party Pack
Skeletal Wings

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