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Category Housing/Apartments
Created 2018-01-18
Owner fifa16coins4u
Title Let us assist you to unload your inventories
Description Let us assist you to unload your inventories and line your pockets for the more significant cause: You!
It will be the time for you to enrich your self!
More information and facts might be shared on buy mu legend zen occasion December 12th.
Returning to the Auction Home subject, our experiences managing the predicament have led us to reconsider our policies and to devise the two following additions.
Beneath, Mu legend transparently outline our positions on two-game behaviors and their consequences.

1 - Fraudulent/Suspicious Items Sold inside the Auction House
WEBZEN maintains continuous observation more than all game solutions. Thus, to avert any fraudulent or malicious operations, WEBZEN can - without any notice or warning - Eliminate all items our customer help group deems as suspicious and belonging to a user beneath investigation.
If a user is placed under investigation and queries buyer help, they will obtain a reply stating, "Your account is under investigation. Your items and savings have been frozen though Mu legend investigates the data associated with your account operations".
The top practices to avoid this situation are:
- Play in the conditions supplied by the mu zen game environment.
- A third-party system really should never be applied. Providing your self an improper benefit like this negatively impacts the game expertise of the other players.

2 - Use of Botting Technique
Working with a bot program is forbidden.
As a result, all accounts caught participating in a botting activity will endure permanent and irrevocable sanctions: Complete depletion of Zen, removal of Items or termination of accounts.
Those statements are there to make sure your game pleasure and game equity.
Fraud, cheap mu zen selling, and botting activities unbalance the game and are an annoyance to you and us as an essential player.

BY here thanks, well done, more mu legend zen by us!