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Category Housing/Apartments
Created 2017-12-28
Owner fifa16coins4u
Title Introduction of Delivery Guarantee function POE
Description Introduction of “Delivery Guarantee” function.
If your order cannot get delivered within 10 minutes, you will get extra compensation accordingly.

Poe Currency 10 Minutes Delivery exalted orbs Guarantee
If you buy poe currency cannot be delivered within 10 minutes, we will give you 20 Chaos Orb as the compensation.
Orders are not covered by 10mins Delivery Guarantee
1.Orders need to be manually verified.
2.Delivery Delay caused by yourself like internet Lags, etc.
3.Your order contains the currency which is not the 10mins Delivery Guarantee currency.

Example for 10 Minutes Delivery Guarantee:
If you have bought 1000 cheap exalted orbs, and you will get 1020 chaos finally if we cannot deliver within 10 minutes. See more of the game details in here welcome on, come on!