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Title Buy neverwinter diamond cheap to enjoy new Swords of Chult system
Description Granted, the overall approach of farming certain refining stones and feed them into artifacts, gear and enchantments doesn’t change. you can buy neverwinter astral diamonds to enjoy the new Swords of Chult system But pretty much everything else in terms of usability gets a boost. In this article we are going over the UI and systematic changes of refining and explain how players will benefit from them.
The Old Flaws

The old system had two pretty distinct flaws. First of all it was build around refining stones that only granted their full RP to specific items. Most content features refining pieces that are great in one area, but much less useful in all others. It seems like an earlier idea of the design was to keep old campaigns and areas viable as long as possible. Players had to go back to specific content depending on what they wanted to upgrade.
Sharandar has lesser Thaumaturgic for enchantments, Dread Ring stuff for artifacts, and Tyranny of Dragons lesser Resonance store?for gear. Storm Kings Thunder then even introduced a completely new line of refining stones and marks.

This specialization combined with different bind formats led to over a hundred types of refining stones and led to what players widely refer to as “bag space issue” of the system. Having tons of different stones isn’t an issue alone though as long as you can instantly use them. But in comes the Double Refining weekend, which got such an integral part of the progression that players saved all their RP until they could spend them during the event. Not only did their bags fill up over time, they also risked to lose months of progression in case they couldn’t participate in the x2. It was truly a “can’t miss”.
Matching Bonuses are Gone

Both of these issues are being dealt with under the new system. Refining Points are now a character currency and you can instantly convert them. That currency is then used to feed all refining items.
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