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Description As Swtor Manaan Stronghold price is unveiled, Bioware fixes eyes on pending bug fixes for Swtor Update 5.3. It features that Gamorrean Guard Companion doesn’t require Artifact Authorization for F2P and Preferred Status players.?

For those who requires Artifact Authorization

nBioware has confirmed that the Gamorrean Guard Companion from the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event no longer requires Artifact Authorization for F2P and Preferred Status players in the recent dev post.?
As we all know, there is a list of Color Crystals that requires Artifact Authorization for free-to-play players currently. For this issue, the official team states that players can equip those crystals. Though they won’t give the stats, players can still use them cosmetically if they want.?
The change to swtor Gamorrean Guard Companion is a great surprise. But the bug fixes cannot stop here. Artifact Authorization requirement still exists on Grade 9-10 Crafting Missions.?

Other bug fixes

1. Players now can progress past the Infernal Council in the Eternity Vault as intended.?
2. Master Mode Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown now progress the weekly Galactic Conflict Mission as intended.?
3. XenoAnalyst II from the Relics of the Gree event now drops Grey Helix Components as intended.
4. Players who abandoned the Iokath Mission “Facing the Machines of War” can once again acquire it.
5. Orbital Recon Probes will now always drop Orbital Recon Probe Memory Cores, even if they self-destruct.?
6. Improved Speeder Piloting 4 and 5 now works for all mounts.
7. Players who are unable to retrieve Malavai Quinn or Elara Dorne from the Companion Locator Terminal should now be able to do so.
8. The following Decorations from the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event can now be donated to a player’s Guild, including Dynamic Underworld Ceiling Light (Blue/Red/Yellow), Gambler’s Bar, Gambler’s Mic Stand, and Gambler’s Party Floor.?
In addition, items that have two-letter words in their name can now be searched with no need to remove the two-letter word, like Altar of Skulls.?

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