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Category Gigs
Created 2015-10-16
Owner Miffy Miffy
Title Greater Shadow Protection Potion
Description Greater Shadow Protection Potion: Eastern Plaguelands - Shadow Master, Shadow Christians drop out rate is 1.32% Materials: Oil x1 Shadow, dream leaf grass x1 // 2 -5 these four agents now still basically reflect the role does not come out, but I believe that with a copy of the back of gradually opening up, these four agents will become the medicine of essential travel home. // Note: The above results are for the corresponding damage absorb 1950-3250 Third, the so-called red and blue one, very effective Potion: Winter Springs town Taninaga forget Alchemy suppliers to buy two, very Mana Potion: psychic darkness hospital Long Gaudin Drop out rate: 6.86% or Magnus cream ming (see point gas flow into water task) you can also buy // more popular method to make money, some in the auction market, Argent Dawn reputation to worship can buy the finished syrup. // 3, Mighty Rejuvenation Potion: MC have a chance to drop out rate is 0.455% Materials: Wildheart x1, gold reference x4, dream leaf grass x4 // effects: 1440-1760 restore hit points and magic. More practical formula, the 'Money' recipe, but it is difficult to obtain. // Fourth, a variety of BUFF insecticides, powerful stone shield Pharmacy: Worldwide 50+ strange fall material: stone fish scales x3, x1 Thorium Ore effect: increase 2000 armor for two minutes. // Uses:? ? (I can not think -) // 2, Petrochemical Pharmacy: Worldwide 50+ strange fall material: stone fish scales x30, Shan Shu grass x10, Black Lotus x1 effect: to enter rock forms, from all physical and magic damage attack, for 1 minute, but this time, you can not attack, move or cast spells, you can only use this type of medicine bottle. // Do not know this drug can not be used after drinking furnace slag, such as pharmaceutical materials promise but do not know its value can be reflected in what areas? // 3, brute force Pharmacy: Crater 15 Bloodpetal saplings task, prizes have a chance to open up. Material: Gnome's blood x2, plague flowers x2 Effect: +18 strength and endurance, continued one hour // effect is good, more practical physics career agents. // 4, Mongoose Pharmacy: 55 + demons falling material: Shan Shu grass x2, plague flowers x2 Effect: 2% hit +15 Min continued one hour // This formula plethora own playing better to buy less than 1G able to get, very practical, advanced copy of the physical output were guaranteed a certain duel friend a bottle of physics. // 5, Prophet Pharmacy: Eastern Plaguelands - Tyr's Hand's various elites drop out rate is 1.3% Materials: plague flowers x2, x1 dream leaf grass effects: intellectual and spiritual +18 points for one hour.